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Blue Collar Concierge Family Practice:


Dr. Clifford Hoffman DO, MPH is proud to present blue collar concierge medicine to Benicia and the surrounding area. In Dr. Hoffman’s practice, patients can: get appointments the same or next day, be seen for an hour or more to ensure the best and most thorough medical care, be seen at home when necessary, discuss in detail lifestyle and dietary changes to improve health, and receive musculoskeletal therapy to improve pain and range of motion.  We work together to make sure your treatment plan is tailored to your lifestyle goals.  We can focus on treating existing conditions, as well as providing enhanced wellness and improving quality of life for people who are already healthy.







A Direct Payment Clinic

- Membership Includes the cost of ALL visits!

- PPO insurances welcome

- MRA (medial reimbursement accounts) friendly

- Single visits currently available*(only available until membership reaches threshhold)

- Ask about Family or Low income discounts.

Do we take your insurance?

In order to be able to provide high quality care, longer appointments, and home visits, we keep our cash prices competitive with many peoples insurance copays but provide a much higher value.  We do understand that these prices seem high for customers who are already paying high premiums for various insurance plans.  However, when compared to the average copay in California of $70 with an average visit time of only 5-15 minutes our 1 hour average visits provide a very high value of service for the cost.  This is the most cost effective way we could find for providing in depth care with longer visits to a variety of patients.  Those who have a PPO insurance or an MRA will receive a superbill which they can submit for re-inbursment.


Come open enrollment from November 1 until January 31st, many poeple will notice that they can save money by switching to a different tier PPO insurance that may have a high deductible and visit copay, and signing up for a yearly membership with Dr. Hoffman.  About 1/3 of people aged 40-64 will be able to save $500-$3000.  In addition, you get to join a practice with a convenient local physician who spends time with you, listens, and even does home visits when necessary.

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